Master Chief Joins The Fight In Fortnite

Avaldati 10 dets 2020
Defender of humanity and destroyer of alien ringworlds, Master Chief arrives as the next Hunter to the Fortnite Island. More info:
The next figure from across realities to travel through the Zero Point is none other than the Master Chief. Defender of humanity and destroyer of alien ringworlds, few are more qualified to take on the Island’s bounties and its existential Zero Point threat than John-117.
Part of the Gaming Legends series, The Master Chief set is available in the Item Shop starting December 10 at 7 PM ET. “Chief” among this set is the Master Chief Outfit: suit up in the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor and become a Spartan-II.
Rep the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) with other items in The Master Chief set. In battle, make your landing with the UNSC Pelican Glider, a miniature Dropship 77-Troop Carrier. And cover your back with the Battle Legend Back Bling - a holographic Elite skull which serves as a trophy of the Chief’s exploits. Also, when harvesting, batter like a Brute with the Gravity Hammer Pickaxe.
You may have driven a car or a motorboat on the Island, but are you ready to tame a wild Warthog? With the traversal Lil’ Warthog Emote, take a mini-M12 Force Application Vehicle for an off-road or on-road drive.
Drop into a match and finish the fight.
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Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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  • well this is depressing.

  • welp my childhood is ruined

  • Bring back SEA Server please

  • *Energy sword noises* HERETIC

  • Volta master chief na temporada 6

  • just so you know 7 yrl old fortnite kids halo did not copy him fortnite copyed halo

  • ive lost all hope in mankind first they add steve to smash now this kill me

  • July 28th 4:00pm, the worlds collide here too.

  • wait...M-master chief?

  • Imagine if master chief was actually that tall in the game

  • The animation here is Crisp

  • Tiktok kids are mad af

  • What the fuuk?

  • Dumb

  • The fact this video has more likes than dislikes has made me lose faith in humanity They did my boi dirty :(

    • Dude, we all losed faith when bungie wasn't gonna make halo games whats the problem

  • Halo: Fortnite Version

  • Bloodborne Skin next please

  • FORTNITE would be too GREAT if you released new styles of master chief type of red and blue color like in the Red vs Blue video games Please :(

  • The fortnite kids are saying halo stole him

    • Then we must drop them onto an island and force them to fight to the death where last one standing wins

  • I like how it’s the h3 master chief bc 343 knows how stupid the h4 h5 versions are

    • It’s actually the halo infinite design but it be cool if that was the case

  • this is the worst thing to ever happen to humanity

  • Next: Mario

  • His gravity hammer looks like something out of Gears of War

  • cringe

  • will he ever come back

  • Ewwww Fortnite

  • Imagen coping someone character game🖐💀💀💀😂😂😂

    • called a collab

    • Have you ever heard about licensing? I think you haven’t.

  • Please bring it on iOS

    • They cant apple won the court case

  • Random redittor be like: grrr fortnit bad gam minecraft gud wholsom 1000 keunu revzz

  • Most of the internet: “Master Chief is in Fortnite, and you’re laughing!” EEpush right now: “I know.”

  • Please fornite that master chief return to th shop

  • wheres the doom slayer

  • Play Fortnite can you please change the fortnight world to him the old map for we had look like in tilted towers

  • Little kids have no clue who this guy is

  • Such a shame this got leaked. If it wasn't shoved down my throat by leakers, I would've been surprised

  • Next up: spiderman arrives through the zero point

  • they even fucked up the music such a disappointment

  • Who is next? Doomslayer from Doom.

  • 00:13 I love the song

  • The music is from the 2018 halo infinite trailer.

  • Fortnite ruined him for me.

  • No halo donde te sentastes :v

  • The model in the animation looks better then the render

  • Literally this is the definition of "Ballin, but as what cost"

  • Why does fortnite ha master cheif no its just not right fortnite sucks

  • U destroyed my boy epic!!!

  • "look how the massacred my boy"

  • 🤮🤮

  • look how they massacred my boy

  • The music made me feel nostalgic

  • Please add master chief back. I missed the opportunity to scoop up up. Next time I will not tho. As I recently became hooked on this game

  • Am I the only person that heard the halo theme?

  • look how they masacered my boy

  • What is my boy master chief doing in a fridge?

    • Cause it's an XBOX fridge.


  • N-no... it cant b-be.... no no no NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! MY BOI!!!!!!!!!!

    • Why? They just put him in the game. It's not canon or even important to the storyline.

  • Next task force 141 bundle.

  • How dare you stand where he stoom. u want to become halo, that will never happen, never. your dying out aren't you

  • If they put lord shax from destiny2

  • i am disappointed with our society.

  • master chief, you mind telling me why your in fortnite? sir, giving epic games their money.

  • Now I can make Master Chief do cat dance

  • Why? Just why?

  • master chief looks a little short. he should look 7 foot

  • Have a bad feeling kids are gonna think master chief is from fortnite. Just came to this vid to say that, I don't even play/like fortnight.

    • I don’t think so, I have really young cousins and they know that master chief is from halo, and have never played a halo game.

  • When’s he coming back?

  • C3JO

  • pog

  • My question is where did he get the drink from

  • Is anybody gonna notice that fishstick started drinking the soda when he just got it out of the cooler?

    • what's wrong with that

  • Master Chief's deconfermation in Smash???

  • Fishy

  • Epic should add the soda

  • Thanks for runining a great game EPIC

    • chill out, all they did was make him a skin in the game. it’s not like it’s canon to the halo storyline or anything.

  • El pez habre el congelador sale master chief el pez: que ases aca :0

  • Fortnite please give me a fnaf freddy skin tomorrow.

  • epic can i get the free the master cheif please :( please dont ban me and user virus_6400

    • @Dexter Alexis noooooooo whyy only on xbox oh wait i for got i cant play fortnite is crashed and i cant download it again it says on every my download network failed bad day ever ;((((

    • @virus_gaming98 oh do you play fortnite in computer or Xbox? Because master chief is only available in Xbox because it's Xbox exclusive.

    • @Dexter Alexis 9

    • How old are you?

  • Why did master chief shrink a lot after this video

  • Sorry to do this but Master Chief, mind telling what your doing in fortnite Sir, teaching little kids what a real battle looks like

  • Sorry for gatekeeping, but no

  • in a fridge?

  • Ruin Halo aswell then, why don't you

    • @FinaleRuby ok?

    • Goddamnit this conversation is taking too long and i don't wanna spend my energy on you. Let's both have a truce and we have different opinions.

    • @FinaleRuby Mhm, i agree.

    • @It's Banku and kids playing Fortnite already understands some parts of HALO so they don't think Master Chief is from a kid's game.

    • I like what I started here. An intellectual arguing with a fortnight player.

  • Llege tarde a instalarme fortnite y el máster chief es mi favorito favorito, pueden sacarlo otra vez porfavor

  • YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Thank you Fortnite!! i’m so fricking excited huge halo fan!!!!!

  • Master Chief, you mind telling me what you're doing in the fridge? Sir, drinking some Slurp.

  • Next up: Roblox joins the battle in Fortnite

  • I hate this so much

    • Why? They just put him in the game. It's not canon or even important to the storyline.

  • Fortnite please stop ruining other games please.

    • How? They just put him in the game. It's not canon or even important to the storyline.

  • they ruined halo

    • @banana Leader Hahaha. Funny joke. NO. Yes, i play Fortnite but i'm also a Halo player. I play Halo 3 back in the day and i played a bit of Halo 5. So i agree that Master Chief doing silly emotes is not right but that's just about it.

    • I can tell you’re a 10 year old fortnite kid who thinks you are the smartest in your class because you are a “different learner”

    • How? They just put him in the game. It's not canon or even important to the storyline.

  • Al I can say is LOL

  • Wtf fortnite u guys steel other people's stuff u jurks do you Evan have the listin to star wars? No no u don't u jurks!!!!!

    • have you heard of a collaberation before?

    • Bruh they make sure they are not taking the things fortnite is adding to avoid copyright and getting sued

  • Me: dad, if master chief was in fortnite would you play more? My Dad: Ye sure. FORTNITE 2 DAYS LATER: we’re watching, always watching...

  • This mean that halo is in MCU?

    • Imagine Fortnite is a link between realms. And the realms have dimensions and those become their respective universes. So Marvel exists in one dimension and Star Wars in another. So they exist, just not what you think.

  • No

  • This is a money grab i hate it i wish fortnite can go to hell and forget about the game and i thank im the only kid saying this but..... F*** you fortnite god damn

    • I know right,now all the little shits arw gonna ruin halo

    • Calm down son, it’s just a game

    • @TheLonelyAnimator i don't know

    • @Shawn and Matt films Why on earth does someone have access to your account??!

    • @TheLonelyAnimator coolness I'm not being trying to say that fortnite has been taking lots of money from games and again im not being cool

  • The fact that they still use the second part in the Spies! music is ossum.

  • they're really proud from this collab. just look at the description

  • im a Mobil player yashar khaled

  • Can someone give me vbucls