Mando's Bounty LTM | Fortnite

Avaldati 2 veebr 2021
Got a job for you. All the info you need is here:
It’s one thing to be the best bounty hunter on the Island, it’s another to be the best in the galaxy. In the new Mando’s Bounty LTM, compete to out-hunt all your opponents - but watch out: if you’re in the lead, you’re the bounty of The Mandalorian himself.
Overcome your opponents - and Mando - to receive a very special reward. Much better than receiving guild rates, we’re talking about a specially-forged Beskar Umbrella.
Playing Solo or with others, collect galactic credits by eliminating the target on your Bounty Puck or any opponent you see. The first to reach the credit goal wins the match (assuming they can prove themselves against Mando first, of course). All players start out with three lives. This is the way.
Want a tip? The Island-dwelling Hunters targeting you and other players are holding the best loot, so take them out to build up your credits AND arsenal.
Need a break from the hunt? Stop by Kit’s new cantina on the Island, located in the desert. Your name is already legendary there.
There’s more than just one Victory Umbrella this Season. As mentioned earlier, for getting a Victory Royale in Mando’s Bounty, you’ll unlock the commemorative Beskar Umbrella. Forged by the ancestral artisans of its alloy metal, this Umbrella bears the signet of a clan of two.
Now more than ever, you are both hunter and prey. Mando’s Bounty is available from today, February 2, to February 9 at 9 AM ET!
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Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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  • Bring back SEA Server please

  • Dusty depot in season 6

  • In the next update make Mando the middle boss, drop the 11 blaster upon death please and thank you

  • oops and can we have the death trooper.

  • why there is none star wars relam in fortnite and can we have all mths in crative.

  • This was THE worst and most frustrating LTM ever. I did not give up until I got that umbrella. I managed to get it, and I said to myself, “NAH IM NEVER PLAYING THIS AGAIN NOOOOOO SIRRRRRR”

  • Epic games, Fortnite put lightsaber’s, E 11 blasters, and mando’s Ampin sniper rifle and jet pack in creative please and thank you

  • The worst game mode of fortnite

  • Time to hunt...

  • Theres to many sweats on towers being cowards

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  • 0:23 he is dead

  • Mandos bounty was way too hard

  • Epic games why do you keep taking all this thing and bring it back in the

  • Travis Scott will be back on that month 🥺

  • this is mando time

  • EEpush fortnite comments: this is cool Twitter fortnite comments: DeAd GaMe!!!!!

  • oof game

  • desperate

  • I wish they brought back the ltm

  • Make a Korean movie for a taxi driver

  • 早くトラビス・スコットのスキン再販してください。

  • I want a walking dead battle pass !!! Fun game mode

  • 😨


  • We Want The Mashmello Skin Back and The Batman Skin Back

  • I literally just found out about this.

    • Same I didn't know about it lol

    • Rip it’s over also did you ever log on to fortnite?

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  • We want Travis

  • Pls give sypher pk a skin he deserves it

  • Could I have the link for your discord sever please

  • Mando had aimbot


  • Dear Fortntie Put in Rambo he’s a good fit for the season Backbling his crossbow pick axe is his knife Thx

  • This is all just a distraction from us escaping the loop

  • Add the battle pass skins from other seasons

    • Nope. You just want Black Knight so people will think you’re OG. That’s not how a live service game works.

  • Everyone: Mando Memers: Mango

  • Uh



  • Can you guys make a Ayo and Teo skin

  • Why do you agree with one person and disagree with millions of players?

  • New update new season 𝚠𝚘𝚠

  • I think till you later bye

  • In old the elting Liam was badd I'm sorry ages was people's gammoners when they kill me now I shining get all the play ballasts of while I can't because it to much sway some common at the Mena will morning the umbrella bird on it anymore until the say this game mode is badd I'm sorry and make a little 0 point game mode

  • S’il vous plaît pouvez vous vous abonné à (GOST.F) au 1% qui regarde ce commentaire .

  • Dead game

  • Bring back Ch2 season 2

    • Nope. If you wanted Midas you should’ve bought the battle pass when it was available.

  • can you add the new fishy skin

  • Épic the pick in mando please

  • 0:16 Music is Insane!

  • This trailer is sick

  • 日本人いる?

  • please bring back mobile :(

  • Does anyone see that they are copying warzone with the gold being money in warzone and the bounty’s the exact same no wonder I stopped playing in season 2

    • Yup. And in Warzone there’s a game mode that’s similar to Team Rumble in Fortnite.

  • pvz garden warfare in fortnite

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  • Pobre Pilly (la banana) En cemento, Es inocente.

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  • hey epic games can you make a event for a doom slayer skin if you can make the crucible a pick and when you take it activates for the back bling a tyrant head (also can you make it so people with 2fa can get it free because my mom wont buy me vbux any more) thx :)

  • Pls add Goku and vegeta theres a vid called if fortnites added dbz and maybe do that design and the emotes I know there aren't any bounty hunters in dbz but some villains like hit are so pls it's my dream and I hope you can make it come true epic games for the biggest anime on the platform to be added that would be a miracle

  • please do russian server

  • Add toys to season 6 battle pass

  • I don't see!! It's FAKEEEEE!!!!!

    • @Anto03Legend It's a Joke!!! I play three games, on this mode.

    • Dude it was limited time mode i saw it on yt thumbnail

  • When will they put it back?????? I couldn't get hang gliding victory umbrella!!

    • @Riko Shut Up!! and Respect!! John Wick temporary mode did return, so this one will too. Although it will surely be a long time before I return.

    • You my friend just have a bad gaming chair thats all

    • Never And F for u

  • It would be real cool if you had a cobra Kai

  • Ong so cool

  • Hey I just used money to buy 5000 VBucks I don’T have the VBucks and it took my hard earned money

  • Pls turn off running mode pls pls


    • Ikr

    • Hes im kindergarten he cant even make sence and have grammer

    • Okay 2 yr

    • Okay kiddo.

  • Are sonic and dinosaurs coming to fortnite? If they are that would be awesome and can you put the dog 🐕 backpack 🎒 back in the item shop on 23 of feb pls I just want the dog backpack I have been play the game for 5 years now

  • Follow me on EEpush acount and lets Play

  • Nice


  • Although this ltm was good, I just couldn't find a way to win. I only won once because there is so much chaos. Oh and The Mandalorian has aimbot...

    • @FinaleRuby yes, but they shouldn't have made him op in the game

    • I mean Mando is a sharpshooter in the show...

  • cool video

  • I have a question so if I refund a skin for example aura and then I want to buy her again would I be aloud to buy her again even though I refunded her?

    • Yes. Although you have to wait until she's back in the shop.

  • Why is Polly alive when he should be a smoothie

    • This has nothing to do with the storyline

  • This was my favorite game mode😤 y’all need to bring it back

  • I don't know

  • Aibot😎

  • your Ltm are making the players greedy

  • Hopefully they make a Darth vader skin and a boba fett skin

  • Fortnite x Dragon ball super

  • Fortnite sucks

  • Y travis? 😞

  • FLASH México mañana 11 pele si pesona Epic copa si 11 si Tiena fortneti mañana oteno pasa pofi

  • Hey can you add bosses Back in battle lab please

  • Epic plz no ban my account because in only 8 years old and I have only played for 7months plz ok and plz make it not laggy when you play

  • Bring travis scott out

  • Epic I have a question why are there no rotation items in tourneys and why are there bounty’s please answer

  • Broooo i play on switch and i am now always getting in to pc lobbies and i cant even compete so it someone from epic PLEASEEEE fix this its just unfair.

    • I blame the little fat kid Elijah who sweats 528 hours a day on his Xbox and his friend Anonymous[179]


  • Fortnitw today travis Scott was supposed to comeout

    • What? Why? Just because it's now Travis Scott day? That's such a weird thing to do. It's like putting the Endgame mode bac a year later even though there's no avengers movie.