Kratos Enters Fortnite through the Zero Point

Avaldati 3 dets 2020
Kratos has arrived in Fortnite. Grab him now. More info:
Among the first from across realities to travel through the unstable Zero Point is Kratos.
Take Kratos into the fight to save the Island: the Kratos Outfit is available now in the Item Shop and as part of the Oathbreaker set.
Familiar instruments of Kratos await in the Oathbreaker set. Glide into battle with the Guardian Shield Glider and Mimir Back Bling. Plusharvest with the Leviathan Axe Pickaxe.
Unleash the frozen leviathan by activating the Freezing Burst Emote, built into the Leviathan Axe Pickaxe and the first-ever built-in Pickaxe Emote.
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  • Everyone Agent Jonsey Hired - The Mandolorian - Reese - Mancake - Mave - Kondor - Lexa - Menace -Kratos - Master Chief - Walking Dead - Black Panther - Predetor - Terminator - Gi Joe - Tron - Flash - Street Fighter - And Ant Man Maybe (Ill edit when we get something

  • Please bring the Kratos pickaxe back in the item shop please

  • Bring back SEA Server please

  • July 28th 4:00pm, the worlds collide here too.


  • pls unbann jarvis

  • Suddenly, I'm playing Fortnite in Japan. I have one notice. Recently, it is possible that Fortnite has become uncomfortable to play due to malicious play. I know it has been done, but it makes me very uncomfortable. What should I do now.

  • BOI!!!!

  • pls return poki for a shop

    • Weird comment but okay

  • Is it coming back I really want the pickaxe I’ve been saving

    • End of the season so like they’ll all come back walking dead,t-800, Master Chief, Snake eyes,Tron etc I say like around the first day of March and they’ll just have them out til the last day of season so March 16 save them vbucks

  • The way how mancake ran away LOL

  • add the missile launcher into creative *P* *L* *E* *A* *S* *E*

  • All the kids will be saying he's from gaynite

  • hello epic games or nintendo switch i know this is a unexpected email but Somebody had to say it once in probably for all If i cilp.the capture buttun on my nintendo switch but i'm pretty sure you guys are awhere of it Nintendo switch sells are already going down But by Letting us Capture our Fortnite cilps instead of buying a capture card Is much better because not everyone have the nintendo switch that let you use the capture cards because nintendo switch lite players can't use The capture card It don't matter if our systems crash And take up to much memory We can just get a MircoSD Card And If we Crash We can hold down on the power button and reset Spread The News

  • Why is dire naked....

  • How did we go from Kratos to Peter Griffin lmao

  • Look how they massacred my boy

  • Kratos should comeback epic

  • Has any skin like this ever returned to the store?

  • I like how the werewolf was dire.

  • why can’t kratos and master chief just be in smash instead 😔

    • @LøstSoul XD No I'm not talking about Ori. I just found out that Cuphead started as an xbox exclusive, but was then made on switch and playstation.

    • @Eisa Malik I have cuphead on my ps4, I think you're talking about ori.

    • @LøstSoul XD Yea. However Microsoft and Nintendo get on really well. One of the best xbox exclusives, cuphead, was made for the switch.

    • Well, Nintendo probably hates sony, and sony Nintendo, so...

    • @Eisa Malik bayoneta?

  • That’s the first time we’ve seen the Dire skin in a while

  • Well I guess God of War is ruined now

    • @winterbomber ikr

    • how??? this doesn't effect gameplay you can still love god of war even though he is in fortnite. It shouldn't affect you if its in an entirely different game. dont like the game then ignore it

  • I though mancake was brave

  • Epic fix your game my trio trying to do tourameant its not working we have 2fa

  • At the end kratos slices his way through fortnite to smash

  • Hey Fortnite please please be friend again with Apple please 🥺🥺🥺

  • whens merging coming back?

  • Please bring him back next season on the 8 plzzzz I beg its my dream pickas

  • Pls make a harle quien crossover skins like crossbow killer pls

  • I like how people are enjoying this game but the whole mobile thing it could have easily been avoided😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Man cake: I fear no man but that thing it scares me


  • Can you please fix it please😥😥😥😥

  • Epic there’s a bug inside the glitch you won’t let me and my cousin play Fortnite in creative

  • plaesae kmen batl bas am not mne or v-bucks ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️im spek arpek


  • I hate epic games they just added the super hero skins and I cant wear them give me a return request epic:Hcat on ps4 😡

  • Xxxtentacion concert let's get that hashtagging on Twitter on epic Games Twitter and fortnite the channel just get that changing so they do a xxx tentacion concert with get home

  • Duane xxxtentacion concert

  • YES

  • Please style cobalt plase

  • this is just sad, fortnite needs to be banned

  • Ayo bring him back I need him axe

  • Add Godzilla and kong to Fortnite

  • Add godzilla and kong to fortnite

  • No way I love the game god of war my favourite character is Kratos and he’s in fortnite???

  • @Fortnite will the kratos set ever come back to the shop? I’d love to see it return

  • To fortnite

  • Name BigKetchupMan

  • I can’t buy VI Fortnite crew pack

  • Bring kratos back please

  • I sue you because lever action shotgun is slow I used to last player and the kid has tac and that shotgun I used it slow so I think we make lever action shotgun little bit faster

    • Let just forget about it

    • @Anonymous do you know where was lever action come from

    • @Daniel the gamer If you make the lever action faster then you have a gun that shoots fast and does a high amount of damage which would be unbalanced. Its better off the way it is.

    • @Daniel the gamer Ok? That means you got outplayed that's how the gun works the tac shoots faster but does less damage while the lever action is slower and does more damage

    • @Daniel the gamer Im sorry I cant understand what your saying with that grammar

  • Fortnite bring a skin for the weekend. Because. The nfl.

  • You meet free v-buck 1000000000000000000 v-buck freeee

  • Im still waiting on my refund tickets

  • Can we get him back in the shop?🙂

  • Look at what you have done to our boy Kratos

  • Epic please try to make fortnite ios come back so I can get to tier 100 im on the mave stuff

  • tadin do Cleiton... oq fizeram com ele 😔👍

  • srry fortnite if i got reportted for mean word i will not use or compete in any tornements ever again ok fortnite if you do plz commit or just heart

    • I dont think they care if 1 person doesnt compete in their tournaments.

  • Pls pues fnaf in fortnite

  • to subscribers

  • do you giv free vebuks ?

  • Lemme eat bananas

  • 0:25 9 year old me with my nerf gun trying to act brave going in the bathroom in 3 am

  • Please bring Batman for free please ❤️👍

  • Please bring Batman please ❤️

  • Fortnite, please kratos on shop again, i wan't bought kratos

  • Do a ninja turtle bundle

  • Epic you suck

  • Epic games agent Jonesey‘s bass is in the grotto

  • Epic I think there should be a whole entire season of kaijus



  • Look how they massacred my boy

  • 2 months ago?!?!?!?!? feels like yesterday

  • You should give a item in the item shop for free like the leviathan or 100 vbucks

  • Why did u delete mobile Fortnite it’s boring I’ll dislike it

  • Sonic

  • hey fortnite can you ad a new poi called the loop and ad a booss as well

  • PS4=Kratos Xbox= Master cheft nintindo=Samus PC=Trash Hotel=Trevago

  • i need the kratos pickaxe pls


  • Can Fortnite plz make baseball skins

  • Can you pls bring back iron man in the game for 3 weeks pls I now started I will do anything to get the skin

    • Its exclusive to the people who were playing then.

  • More refund tickets

  • Do u stil now the times when fortnite was popular

  • I have god of war

  • unbanned jarvis please

  • Kratos can now weld a gun

  • hey fortnite during the most recent patch update there has been a bug on PlayStation where your car goes very bumpy in battle lab in the next update can you patch this bug because your car flips over when you turn a sharp left or right i would really appreciate if you patch this bug very very soon please an thank you

    • @Shadowy well where else are you supposed to complain a bug

    • Lmao this guy is reporting bugs in a video

  • Fortnite I have a question, are you collabing with another legendary game that includes killer animatronics?

  • the new mandos bounty is broken

  • Can you download fortnite on a I pad 8?

  • Fortnite pls add exotics to battle lab and you can get it free so you can play around with exotics and that is fun is also fun if you add in creative bc you can than use the dub/ exotic dubble Barrol shotgun for trick thots and all the others for other stuff

  • NOOOO! Not Dire! He’s my favorite character😭

  • Fortnight there is a glitch with the locker it won’t let me change my banner icon

  • I wont now krtus