Fortnite Champion Series C2 S5 Qualifier 2 - NAE/NAW (EN)

Avaldati 21 veebr 2021
The Fortnite Champion Series is an open tournament in which the best players each season rise to the top and claim the title of champion in their region. Any Trio that has reached Champion division in Arena can enter and win.
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Qualifier 2
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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  • Zeke from aot

  • ooo

  • Game is not good

  • Epic games make optimization for consoles please, in late lag

  • bro we want more refund tickets

  • I got v-bucks today I have 0 now and no refun tokens worst luck

  • Id ZxTopGunxZ

  • Can you fix it where you can play on mobile pls

  • hi sub

  • Hey fortnite, there is a annoying glitch which gives you 2000 V-bucks can you patch it please my brother’s video got ruined?

  • i killed predator 1 month ago tbh i swaer

  • please fix the 2 player ready up situation if you please dont mind :''(

  • Fortnite plz bring the game back on iOS I’m literally gonna give your game 5 stars I promise just plz bring it back everyone in my house is begging you

  • Сделайте оптимизацию хорошую, для ps4

  • Can you play Super Why in kylo Ren. Named Shopkins the season is like a Stacy season and at the end just giving out ideas you can do for the next season you can do like you did for last season of The Marvelous things are there if I Galactus in the season that you can do all of the do all the skins that you added in the season talking about fight the game series

  • Fortnite a True Fcuking Evil. Aimed directly at Children constantly Skin after Skin at a Price not All are able to Afford Children you MFs. Fortnite Disruption of the Worst Kind.

  • Fornite could you please make Pokemon

    • Could you make Pokemon please it would be fun

  • Hurry and fixed slipt screen man 🤕

  • Hi fornite can the new football skins the 2021 ones come out please love from me fornite gamer

  • عيسى احمد علي

  • عيسى احمد علي

  • Trampoline zjoyteszkpogfffkrdv6riddvihnauglhhhhhhhbyedgil9

  • Esse jogo ai e muito bom

  • Fortnite what is Chan zozo ?? If was in the wall in the corner next to the stairs on the mysteek loading screen from chapter 2 season 4

  • なにいってんの、

  • Bring back spaz

  • I love fortnite

  • Oha

  • I'm love fortnite

  • Pls add shriek to game for my friends 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Game is not good

  • Fortnite bring pump back 😭 🙏🙏🙏 love from India

  • 🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️

  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 game is ass

  • add more mythic bosses (mythic weapons to

  • can you do a juice wrld astronomical event

  • take away the dragon shotgun or at least increase the range to a normal shotgun range

    • @Galaktic not too op, but its really good. Not the best but good

    • it's already way too op lmao

  • Epic can we get like drift in chapter 2 season 6 battle pass whit kit and like all character that has been in a chapter 2battle pass so everyone gets a second chanse to get the skins i think its a really god idea becuz if u want drift and you started chapter 2 season1 u cant get drift or insted of putting them in a battle pass putt the skins in fortnite crew pls i really want drift can we get the super hero skins this week or in two not next week not three weeks 4 weeks 2 weeks or thus week becyz i really like the skins 😃

  • Can you delete the lever action shotgun

  • Bring back the Christmas fishy skin renegade raider recon expert and all of the OG skins and the the superhero skins all sold out blue skin that doesn’t have like a surf back bling


  • Update it tomorrow

  • I wish bosses were still in battle

  • Bring merging back plaese

  • *imagina que es un comentario sobre Evangelion XD*

  • Please add og pumps back and the community wants it and lever shotty kinda bad tacos overrated and charges are slow plus it does not take much damage because it has to charge if it’s ur wall then u can’t Pieace control them like back in seasons before we all want it and regular design for all tad rarity’s please reply

  • Or buff tacts

  • Remove lever actions

  • I enjoyed short nite but how about next fortnite can do anime nite where they show episodes of poupulor anime

  • When will the alien trailer

  • When will the alien trailer

  • Fix the bug at steamy stacks... We cant do the challenge there... (Bathe in the purple pool at steamy stacks)

  • Pls bring the Travis Scott skin back and the pump


  • rage 2 do not open :(


  • me banearon mi cuenta sin razon alguna

  • Epic Games! Go to Grant the Goat's channel! His account got hacked! UrSalty Clan did that! Is there away that you can assist with this issue! Thank you and good day!

  • Hey fortnite can you pleseeee make fortnite free on Xbox I have to pay every month 😩 my money is getting wasted but I still wanna play it is free on every other platform. Plesee help me

    • Its not epics fault. It is xbox fault. You pay xbox live. That has got nothing to do with fortnite

  • pon la cancion de la marmota en los radios de fortnite

  • Unband jarves please please please please please do it

  • Can you please please please please in band faze jarves

  • Hello

  • Flintlock helps me alot :( Who agrees?

  • Fix steamy stacks challenge

  • Alô coloca o Batman e o Homem de Ferro de novo e o Doutor

  • My nick is glad-stain4

  • I know this wont happen but can u gift me the last lough bundle I want it

  • fornite one day they could activate an option to transfer skins from your account?

  • Fortnite mobile pls

  • Fortnite mobileeee

  • Can you Pls bring the Gleam Team back in the item shop as fast as posibel, i want to buy the whole Bundle

  • Please take skill base matchmaking off

  • Is it just me or did u come to the channel just for a gun I did cus I want the pump back like asap

  • Hello.

  • Hello.

  • 💖more💖refund💖tokens💖please💖ILY💖

  • I want it to be a black man with a rainbow colored no sleeves vest and I want it to have with a red hoodie underneath the vest and black pants and red shoes and will be called the pop art skin please make it

  • Suddenly, I'm playing Fortnite in Japan. I have one notice. Recently, it is possible that Fortnite has become uncomfortable to play due to malicious play. I know it has been done, but it makes me very uncomfortable. What should I do now.

  • Can You make me my own skin please

    • They wont make a skin for someone as irrelevant as you g

  • Release the new fortnite skin in February 15th

  • We need more refunds personally I have wasted some vbucks !!!!

  • Please add the vaults back

  • You invent online gaming and can't handle it.. I was doing a challenge (those brilliant challenges that only Fortnite devs can do, like 3 steps to get 20k exp) and I was disconnected. He didn't count the things I did. Disconnecting from the server even goes, but bug that hinders my progress in the game, this is ridiculous. When it comes to putting paid skins and sucking people's money, you do it without any problem. FIX THIS!

  • Wait in the new reality log did agent jonesy die

  • I wish there was an option to turn off shadows on console. I don't want more fps I just want stable fps. 60 fps is fine if it's stable. Like if you agree.

  • Unban JARVIS


  • فين العرب

  • We need the flint knock back

  • Epic please let split screen have creative pls we want to 1v1 with every gun pleaseeee

  • Can you do XXX event pls

  • A butter barn music pack

  • Wen is se 6 comeing

  • If your real fortnite don't bring family guy to fortnite

  • travis scott bring it to the store please

  • bring back sea server

  • Read my name